When the Night Unravels

by Victoria Vox

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When the Night Unravels is Vox' 9th studio ukulele album. Sophisticated and evocative, the songs of Unravels combine classic Vox wit with alluring and confidant jazz vocals. Vox – a one-woman show with ukulele, bass and loop pedals, and her signature “mouth trumpet” – delivers a full band sound. Producer, Geoff Stanfield, (Sun Kil Moon, Grace Webber), elaborates on what Vox does best. Vox slinks between musical styles--pop, jazz and soul--with use of ukulele, bass, horns, accordion, and synths. The album has a “night” theme, which can be interpreted two ways: turning into the dark, or coming out of it.


released January 20, 2015

Vocals, ukulele, mouth trumpet, percussion: Victoria Vox
bass, acoustic guitar, percussion: Geoff Stanfield
drums, percussion: David Revelli
keys: Paul Moore
accordion: Nova Karina Devonie
cornet: Casey MacGill
tenor saxophone: Tracy Ferrara
trumpet: Mike Barber
backing vocals: Gabriel Mintz
drum programming (on Echo): Kenzo Perron

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Geoff Stanfield at Well Recording (Seattle, WA)
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI Mastering (Seattle, WA)
Photography: Philip Edward Laubner
Make-up: Jessica Laubner
CD Design and layout: Victoria Vox

Vox – a one-woman show with ukulele, bass and loop pedals, and her signature “mouth trumpet” (featured on the Jay Leno Show and in the Wall Street Journal) – delivers a full band sound. Her heartfelt ballads and charisma captivate audiences around the globe, including sold-out shows in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Canada, and across the USA.

Vox earned a degree in songwriting from the Berklee College of Music (2001), mostly accompanying her songs with guitar. Then a friend and blues artist gave her a ukulele. The small, four-stringed instrument proved to be the unexpected, but welcomed vehicle to showcase the upbeat, rhythmic drive characteristic of her music.



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Victoria Vox Costa Mesa, California

Victoria Vox has taken the artful sound of the ukulele into eclectic new directions. Her music ranges from upbeat and clever to honest and moving, while incorporating her signature “mouth trumpet” and occasionally singing in French. Her whimsical songwriting uses a unique palette of sounds and beats that delight audiences of all ages. ... more


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Track Name: Supermoon
We are stars hanging in the universe
Little sparks heating up the temperature
The energy sizzles in the galaxy
Perigee-syzygy, come on closer next to me

Fingertips dipping in the Milky Way
Take a trip, come on now let's get away
Me oh my, there's a hole in the sky
If we try, we can fly, higher than the highest high

Supermoon, I'm waiting on a Supermoon
To come into view on the horizon

This is real, can you feel my body rise?
Sex appeal strong enough to change the tides
High or low, there's no need to take it slow
Overflow down below I know somewhere we can go
Track Name: Call a Truce
I wanna walk away from the game we play
It just ain’t right
I’m not gonna say it was a mistake
But I’m tired of fighting the fight
In the space between we’re saying things we don’t mean

I’m sorry if I can change your mind
But be clear if there’s no need to apologize
I’m sorry but what’s the use
Can we Call a Truce?

There’s no surrender, no one is better
No black or white
We’re feeling weathered, but tough as leather
And wait in ambush to fire
In the space between we’re saying things we don’t mean
Track Name: You're No Island
Don’t got to go it alone
When the water’s rising
I got a boat and some rope
And I will take you home
You’re No Island (2x)

You like to keep me at bay
When I come calling
Now honey don’t be afraid
Just take a leap of faith
You’re No Island (2x)

When there’s no stars
And you’re lonely, lonely, lonely
And the fog hugs the ground
I’ll wrap my arms around you


You've been drifting too long
Out on the horizon
Come back where you belong
And we can carry on
You’re No Island (2x)

You’re No Island
I’ll wrap my arms around you
You’re No Island
I’ll come and get you when the water’s rising
You’re No Island
Track Name: Looking For a Man
I’m Looking for a Man
Someone who understands
Who’ll be there to hold my hand
I’m Looking for a Man

No I don’t want a boy
A superficial toy
Or somebody to play coy
No I don’t want a boy

‘Cause I’ve been looking
for someone who’ll look me in the eye
Who speaks the truth
Oh but knows how to satisfy
I’m Looking for a Man…

Track Name: Two Bridges
Going one way off into another
On the way something’s yet to be discovers
Stones like roses, diamonds in the dew
Don’t matter what you see, it’s what it means to you
And when the sun goes down and the night unravels
You’re only as noble as the road you travel

The path leads you down to the water
One bridge mother, one bridge daughter
One bridge old and one bridge new
How do you know which one to choose
And when the sun goes down and the night unravels
You’re only as noble as the road you travel
Track Name: The Heart
One more lie I can tell to myself
I gotta quit, but one last hit, then I can stop it
Ooh, that’s right, it’s the last time

I play my games drawing lines in the sand
Oh I know I should let go, but it ain’t over
Ooh, all the blame bears your name

But there’s not denying
The Heart wants what it wants

No I won’t play the hand I’m dealt
You’ve had enough, you call my bluff, I still call it love
Ooh, you say you’ll walk away

But there’s no denying
The Heart wants what it wants
Track Name: Use the Brakes
It was fast enough when she reached the limit
She wanted love, but he wasn't in it
She wore her heart on her sleeve
And wanted badly to believe
All those kisses were something more than in vain

You gotta stop while you're ahead
‘Cause nothing will ever change
If you don't learn to use the brakes

She's asking why and if it's not too late
If the smoke starts to rise can she plan an escape?
But if she goes down in flames
Will he remember her name
And tell the story of how she fought to the end?

You gotta stop while you're ahead
cuz nothing will ever change
if you don't learn to use the brakes

You need to decide, if you will hold on tight
But it's ok to walk away and say you tried…

You gotta stop while you're ahead
‘Cause nothing will ever change
If you don't learn to use the brakes
Track Name: Mail Order Bride
Looking for love in all the wrong places
Profiles full of enticing faces
In the market, shopping online
You'll find me, your Mail Order Bride

If you order me you will get
A beautiful wife with a great set
Blonde hair, blue eyes
Guaranteed to mesmerize

I'm looking for a change of pace
A new life in a new place
I hope he's rich and handsome too
But beggars aren't allowed to choose

Mail Order Bride
Won't you give it a try
Mail Order Bride
Around the world, you'll find a girl
Who'll stick by your side

If you love kids, sex and cooking
I’ll be your wife, so you can stop looking
Send the ticket, the visa too
I'm ready to be wedded to you


I'm quite the catch and far from lazy,
Ready to try something wild and crazy
You are lonely and I am too
How about a rendezvous?

Chorus / Intro (Outro)
Track Name: Diamonds On the Bay
Lovers lost in lust may stumble in the blush
Tangled up in twilight, a fever so right
No sense in pulling off the road that got us lost
‘Cause the bridge went out after we crossed

Covered head to toe in the afterglow
Making up reasons as the doubt creeps in
You can make believe any way you please
But the truth’ll bring you to your knees

Star-crossed lovers by daybreak but I was too blind
Tumblin’ head over heartache poisoned kisses and wine
The night the full moon was shining
We sat a while on a bench watching waves
Where you saw water, I saw Diamonds on the Bay

Now look at you, a darker shade of blue
Clouds fill up the sky, no stars in your eyes
I don’t wanna hold a heart so cold
You can’t take the fool out of fools gold

Track Name: Echo
Water so wide, so full of sorrow
Arms joining sides
They are not yours, they are not mine

Gone with the tide, a love I borrowed
Moments in time
They are not yours, they are not mine

Calling out into the wind
It steals your name and leaves an Echo

Cross the divide, a heart so hollow
As hard as I try
I’ll never reach the other side